DIY CO2 Recipe

This is a cheap CO2 recipe… Step by step…

1. Introduce 50g of gelatine into 250 ml of water and let it hydrate for a few minutes.
2. Introduce 700-800 g of sugar to 400ml of water in a pan, then you add the contents of step 1. You put the pan to the fire and when it start to boil, you stop the cooker and let the mixture cool down.
3. Once the mixture is cold, you add them in to 5 liters bottles and refrigerate.
4. After few hours the mixture will curdle.
5. When ever you want CO2 you add 200ml of hot water and a teaspoon of yeast to the bottle.
6. Close the bottle and in few hours you’ll have CO2.
7. Connect the bottle to a CO2 diffuzer and walah! 🙂

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