My white/albino cichlids have multiplied – The journey!

My experience with these white/albino mouth brooders were very interesting. About 2 and a half months ago I noticed one of my white cichlids having a sack underneeth its mouth and as usual I thought it was the food it saved for later, as they love eating :). the next day before I added the food into my Cichlid tank, I noticed the sack was still there on 2 of my white Cichlids. I monitored the 2 for about a week, and every day I could see the sack getting bigger which i then knew was a sure sign of eggs or ever small litters. I started observing the 2 very closely and decided to get a small tank to isolate the ones with the sacks, I also knew that changing a Cichlid into a new tank can cause stress to the fish, so I tried to replicate the small tank as much as possible to the mother tank.

I left the tank running for about a week with the mother tanks water and decided to put 1 one the fish into the small tank. After about 2 hours of trying to catch the fish without stressing the fellow i finally got a hold of it and transferred it over to the small tank, which i call my maternity tank :). After the second day I see the fellow in the small tank releasing the its fry from the mouth, wow it was such a lovely sight :), i cannot expressi it. I knew i had to seperate the small from the Big immediately, so I caught the Big one and put it back to the mother tank. The fellow was very happy to be back with the others in the tank.

It’s been almost 2 months since the seperation and I am proud to say that I have about 20 of lovely and healthy small white Cichlids. I am in the lookout for another aquarium, so that I can add my additions to a bigger environment. I plan on breeding as much as I can 🙂

More images coming soon!

Albino Cichlid

Albino Cichlid

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